Real Estate Law

While professional realtors do help in the sale of real estate, there are times where an attorney can be just as helpful and maybe even cheaper. Yes, that’s right, there are situations where an attorney saves money. Don’t spend money on your next real estate purchase or sale if you don’t have to. Ross Seymour does real estate law and is on your side.  If you’re selling your home on your own, contact Seymour Law to make sure all details and legal documents are in place.

As a homeowner, you may find out there’s more to it than paying mortgage, real estate taxes and cutting the lawn. Many times issues arise that you hadn’t even considered. For example, that neighbor up the hill may have an easement over your property. What does that mean? The city is charging you for a new sidewalk, can they do that? Don’t lose sleep over these real estate matters, give us a call.

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