Employment Law

Employment law…so many rules and regulations, what are my rights, what are my employer’s rights?  Have I been discriminated against? Get your questions answered and understand what legal action may be available to you when you talk with Ross Seymour Law; the area’s most compassionate employment lawyer.

Many people know Wisconsin is an at-will state. This means an employer may fire an employee, and an employee may quit an employer, without any reason or cause. But what many people do not know is that there are many exceptions to the at-will rule. We can help employees and employers analyze whether those exceptions apply in their circumstances.

Unfortunately, employment discrimination still occurs frequently in our society. It takes many forms – age, disability, sexual orientation, race, and gender – to name a few. Discrimination laws can be complicated; when employees need assistance in assessing and pursuing their discrimination allegations, we can help.

Wage and hour laws apply to many more employees than is commonly thought. Overtime violations are common. Many employees are mislabeled as being exempt from wage and hour laws. Many special categories exist for certain types of employees (golf caddies? movie theater ushers?). Call us to discuss your wage and hour concerns.

Just get fired and your employer gave you a thirteen page severance agreement? What are giving you giving up with the agreement? What are you receiving? Good deal or bad deal? The agreement urges you to consult an attorney and you should. Many of these agreements are advantageous to an employer, so you need good advice in deciding whether to sign.