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Attorney Ross A. Seymour 

Ross Seymour is a trusted and reliable source for legal issues ranging from employment law to wills to property matters. Clients  who want sound advice and real answers contact Seymour Law.  With a focus on employment and labor law, Attorney Seymour  has more than 25 years of experience in La Crosse and is known for advocating for his clients.  His peers consider Seymour Law as one of the best in employment law in the area.

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General Practice

Seymour Law also assists clients with wills, property rights, contracts, and other general practice work.  Attorney Seymour takes the time to make sure you understand the fine print of contracts and other legal documents.  He helps clients navigate the present and plan for the future. He takes pride in establishing connections with people and providing reliable answers to their questions.


Employment Law

Seymour Law assists both employers and employees in all facets of employment law. While employees seek advice on issues such as wrongful termination, wage and hour violations, un-reimbursed expenses, and  miscalculation of pay due to improper compensation, employers rely on Seymour law to help them establish fair and legal hiring, firing and employment practices that result in a positive work environment.
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Ross was a huge help when I needed legal advice.  It was so nice to have someone on my side and someone who I could believe would do the best for me.  He is fair and honest and I consider that a great trait!            -Sue, Holmen, WI