Estate Planning

Everyone needs an estate plan. You need an estate plan.
You can find many that prey on fears:  Taxes! Probate! The Government! Nursing Homes! Don’t give in to fear and pay too much for what you don’t need.  Seymour Law is known for common sense estate planning.

For most people, a will, power of attorney and a review of beneficiaries will suffice. A will is important to choose who handles your affairs after you die (and who takes care of your children). Even more important are powers of attorney. What if you can’t handle your own affairs any longer? A power of attorney gives you the power to say who will do that and how. If you don’t, the court will, and you may not like it.

If you’ve recently suffered a death in the family, you may wonder what to do next. Do I have to “probate” or not? What about the title to the house? These are pretty simply questions, but can cause a great deal of tension in a family. Avoid misinformation and speculation; seek the advice of an experienced attorney.  Ross Seymour law knows how to navigate end of life details.