Business Law

If you are buying or selling a small business, you need help.  Part of a good sale is insuring all parties understand what is being sold and what is being bought.  There are many opportunities here for misunderstanding.  A good lawyer will be an invaluable asset in making sure your sale goes through smoothly.
Don’t lose a sale – work with a knowledgeable attorney who can help all parties reach their goals.

Employee handbooks, why bother? There are good legal and business reasons to have one and making sure yours reflects current law in Wisconsin will save you time and money. Whether you are writing a handbook from scratch or have a long-standing handbook, you need to have yours reviewed by an experienced local attorney, one who is knowledgeable about Wisconsin employment law.  There are provisions that can be incorporated in a handbook – such as safe harbor provisions for wage and hour complaints – that can save an employer real money.
If you purchased a template online, it will be especially important for you to make sure all aspects of it are compliant in Wisconsin.

Working with a partner or co-owner in a business can be great for both of you: shared duties, special expertise and just a general camaraderie make your experience easier and more enjoyable. But when the relationship comes to an end – due to retirement, divorce, disability, death or just a falling out – it pays to have a good business plan you can refer to. An agreement ahead of such events goes a long way in making what may already be a difficult time less stressful.
Ross Seymour knows the types of issues that can come up and will help you make a plan.